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Go to https://plus.google.com and sign in, then join the network. No sign up and importing your contacts? Well, there you have the first plus point of Google+ and that’s just because Google is handling. The tedious work of logging into your gmail or yahoo id and confirming is avoided. Before you join, mentions to you that your photos form Picasa will automatically get imported to Google+. Ah! Now there’s the second plus point. There goes the extra effort of uploading your photos onto a social network! Upload them on picasa and you have them on Google+too.

Once you finish joining, start editing your profile. Your Google profile is now the hub of you plus experience, the backbone that everything else is built upon. There are five tabs in your profile page-posts, About, Photos, videos, +ls. An additional Buzz tab would appear if you are on Buzz also.

About: That’s the “About” page which consists of all the basic info. You can start filling in your information, but you can control the information that is shared. You can assign different visibility levels to most parts on your profile. For example, if you click on “Introduction” in the “About” page, then apop-up window something similar to this will appear: You can choose who can see this part of the profile.

Posts: clicking on the “posts” tab will show you all your posts. As you just joined, you won’t have any in this tab.

Photos: The “Photos” tab consists of settings of photos and tags.

This tab contains an option to choose people whose tags of you are automatically approved to link to your profile.

Videos: Similar to the “Photos” tab.

+1’s tab: This keeps track of all your +1s. Read further to know what’s +1.

After editing your profile, you would definitely like to see how your profile looks to see how your profile looks when anyone else is seeing it, Right? Google gives you that option too. To the right side of the screen, below Edit profile there’s a search box on which is written-“view profile as”. Enter the name of the person whose view you’d like to check. You can review your profile information form the perspective of the person that you’ve selected.

Hence, you can easily see how your profile appears to different people, such as your coworker, someone in your Friends circle or the public. For example, you could confirm that a person you added to one of your circles can see your profile introduction, but not your phone, email or address information.

If you feel anything is wrong, then click on “Edit profile” and check your share settings again.

Let people contact you:  You can let people contact you through your profile by e-mailing to you. To allow this, click on “Edit Profile”. Then click on “Email is off” under your profile picture and select “Allow people to e-mail me from my profile”. If you see ‘Email is on,’ you’re already able to receive emails through your profile, and don’t need to complete these steps.

Once you complete your profile, hit onto the Home page. Let’s see how best we can use this new platform form Google.


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