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 All the features of Google+ that we’ve discussed earlier are very well presented, and well integrated improvisation of functions that have been offered by Facebook. The introduction of Google+ for mobiles is the secret weapon that Google uses to overcome Facebook. With Google+ ready to be installed now on Android Phones and in iphone (in some time), Google+ is paving its path to be the leading social networking site.

It cannot be ignored that there are approximately half a million Android phones activated each day. As of May 2011, there were over 100 million Android devices worldwide. Consider this as Google+’ s potential install base.

And what’s the key to social networking success? Photos. Facebook, if anything, is simply the world’s largest online photo sharing service. All those status updates and Farmville sessions are just icing on the cake. But, have you ever tried uploading a group of photos to Facebook from your phone using the native app’s uploader? Isn’t fun to upload pictures one-by-one to albums you have to first create and name? Oh, it’s not?


On its part, Google came up with this feature:

The Instant Upload

This feature on Google+ mobile has caught the attention of every Android user around the world. Now you can instantly upload photos from your mobile without going through the lengthy process of creating Albums and then uploading them one-by-one.

Clicking on the yellow button lets you capture photos from your mobile and saves those photos in a private album on Google+ profile and even tag photos. So, it’s easy for you to share them later from your phone or web just be changing the visibility options.

Enable Instant upload on your phone:

To enable Instant upload, Press Menu on your Android phone. Select Settings, then Instant Upload from the Google+ Home screen.
Once you’ve enabled Instant Upload, all photos taken with your phone will appear in the From My Phone album. These photos are only visible to you until you post them.

Post Photos to the Stream:

To post the photos you just uploaded by instant upload, select Photos in the top menu and Photos from my phone in the side menu. Select the photos you want to post and select “Post”. You can add a comment or location and share setting. Then select “Post” to post the selected Photos onto your Stream.

Instant Upload Settings:

After you’ve enabled Instant Upload, you’ll be able to manage how and when photos and videos form your phone are uploaded to a private web album on Google+ by managing your Instant Upload settings. To access Instant Upload settings, select Menu->settings->Instant Upload settings from the Home screen or select Menu->settings in Photos.

Once you go to the Instant Upload settings, you can manage the following things from there:

(i)    Instant Upload: This option enables or disables the instant upload feature. Click on to disable this feature.

(ii)    Upload existing photos: This option is used for uploading already existing photos and videos in your phone. You may want to use this option if you’ve specified how or when to upload your photos and videos.
(iii)    Mobile uploads: With this option, you can change the type of connection is to be used when photos/videos are uploaded. You can select one of the following:
 Only photos via mobile networks: Select this option if you don’t want to upload your videos, and you only want to upload your photos using a mobile network connection.

Photos & videos via mobile networks: Upload your photos and videos only when you’re using a mobile network connection.

Photo & videos via Wi-Fi only: Upload your photos and videos only when you’re using a Wi-Fi connection.
(iv)    Roaming Uploads: Enable this option if you want to allow Google+ mobile to upload your photos and videos while you are roaming on a mobile data network.
(v)    Battery uploads
Enable this option if you only want to upload your photos and videos when you’re charging your phone. You may want to enable this option to improve your phone’s battery life.




This is possibly the most feature of many Android users who are using Google+. Huddle feature allows you to group text message. Planning outings with large groups got just so efficient and easy now! It lest you group chat amongst everyone within a particular circle. Now you need not invite people to BBQ first and then start taxing them.
Now you just add people who have the mobile app and have a conversation that keeps everyone in the loop without sending 20 identical messages to each person.

Huddle Setting and naming

From Google+ Home screen, touch Huddle. Touch the Bubble Icon to start Huddle. Start to type the name of the person or circle you like to add. You can add up to 50 members to Huddle. Write your message and select “Done”. Your message is then sent to everyone instantly.
To rename it, go to Menu-Edit name. Then you can change the Huddle privacy settings. You can specify who can start a Huddle with you by choosing form the Following 3 options:


  • Anyone includes anyone using Google+.
  • Your circles include everyone in your circles.
  • Extended circles include people in your circles’ circles.
  •     You can choose the way in which you’ll be notified about new Huddle messages
  • Huddle notification: Select to show notifications on the status bar when new messages are received.
  • Vibrate: Select if you want your device to vibrate when you receive a new message.
  • Ringtone:  Set a ringtone for new messages to distinguish them from other notifications.



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