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Tips on How to Restore and Care for Marble Floors in Palm Beach

Marble is basically a non-foliated type of metamorphic rock. This kind of natural stone is usually used for floors as well as countertops. Due to the fact that marble is a porous stone, it can be easily damaged. But fortunately, there are numerous cleaning products that can be used in marble polishing and marble restoration palm beach. Proper cleaning and polishing practices could certainly prevent damages on marble floor. Hence, regular cleaning can keep the marble floor beautiful and shiny. Here are some basic tips on how to easily restore and care for your precious marble floors at home to make them long lasting.

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  1. First, seal the marble floor with a specially-formulated marble sealant product. Choose sealant that suits to your marble types at home. Apply the sealant to the floor but make sure to use it accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions. Re-seal the marble floor at least once or twice a year.
  2. Protect your marble floors at home from further damages and scratches by simply placing doormats at each door entrances. This is to trap the dirt and dusts that could possibly act as sandpaper on the marble surface that can cause visible scratches. On the other hand, use place mats and coasters on tables as well as on the countertops to avoid scratches from tableware and cutlery.
  3. Clean the marble floors and surfaces regularly by simply using a soft dust mop. This marble cleaning technique is safe to conduct even every single day.
  4. Clean the marble floors as needed. You can also dampen a soft cloth with some soapy water. Rinse the floor with clean water to prevent staining. Dry the floor with the use of dry clean cloth or a dry dust mop. Do not allow the air to dry the marble floors.
  5. Polish the marble floor with the use of a high quality and safe marble polishing product. As much as possible, choose a polishing product with tin oxide content because this can help a lot in bringing back the natural shine of the marble floors. Simply apply the polishing product using a clean soft rag.
  6. Buff the floor if you have a buffing machine. You can also rent this kind of machine to a local marble restoration company. Buffing machine is normally used to achieve top-shine and gloss of the dull marble floors.

Lastly, do not think twice of contacting the professionals since the experts are very skilled and well-equipped in doing marble restoration job.

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