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Saltillo & Mexican Tile Cleaning: Trouble with Chips, Cracks, and Imperfections

Saltillo tile is one of the most beautiful and natural materials for flooring available. Its authentic mix of traditional Latin and European style add distinct flavor to all kinds of decorative themes. Saltillo offers variation for homeowners to experiment with neutral earth tones, while its texture can give contrasting depth to an otherwise simplistic room. With such diversity, saltillo can be used in any room in the home. Tri-State Floor Services appreciates our customers’ desire for such a distinctive flooring, so we offer a multitude of services for repair and maintenance tailored to saltillo tiles.

Saltillo, even with its aesthetically pleasing qualities, needs to be maintained in the home often. As a clay material (similar to terra cotta), it can crack or chip from heavy impact. When breakage occurs, it can be a chore to match, remove, and replace the tile without causing more damage or imposing unwanted expenses into the repair. But, you can rely upon the professionals at Tri-State Floor Services to administer all repairs to your tile, hassle-free. We have extensive experience and knowledge of saltillo tile along with the most effective practices to match tile replacements and repair major or minor damage.

You may experience other problems with saltillo flooring that are uncommon with other tiles. If you are inexperienced with this type of flooring, you should look for certain types of imperfections, and make sure to treat them as soon as you notice them.

Trouble with Lime Pops: With most tile, wear and corrosion is inevitable, even if a high-grade sealant is applied. With saltillo specifically, you may see small imperfections over time, called “lime pops.” These small white blemishes are primarily seen in saltillo as the floor becomes susceptible to moisture or has a weak sealing coat. The stone expands from absorption and will eventually “pop,” deepening into small holes. While these can be prevented with proper cleaning, sealing, and purchasing a high-grade tile, they are still found in some homes. Typically these holes are filled, and Tri-State Floor Services can eliminate the unpleasant prospect of lime pops by providing the best sealing options prior to floor installation, as well as repair the tile once deterioration begins.

Efflorescence: Similar to lime pops, efflorescence is a corrosive effect on various forms of flooring due to moisture damage. White lines and patchy spots will appear as soluble substances build on the surface of your tile. While this is also prevented by sealing and is less common in higher quality tiles, Tri-State Floor Services can subdue the harmful depreciation of your saltillo with our professional repair services. We can remove and replace damaged tile, and help you prevent further damage.

Even when running the risk of lime pops and efflorescence, saltillo tile is considered an ideal flooring option for many homeowners. Its rustic refinement will enhance your design, creating warmth and texture. Long-lasting, beautiful tile is not difficult to manage with Tri-State Floor Services professional team to assist you. When you need repairs and maintenance services in Philadelphia, we guarantee excellence.

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