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Rug Restoration Services in Oklahoma City: Preserving Your Rugs by Following These Comprehensive Tips

The moment you notice that your rug has severe wear and tear, unsightly stain or have a very foul smell that won’t go away using home cleaning methods, then it’s high time that you get in touch with a company that offers rug restoration services in Oklahoma City.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your rugs is very vital in its preservation. A clean and well-maintained rug will have its beauty preserved and its lifetime extended for generations.

Here’s a quick tip for you: In order to determine if your rugs at home need professional cleaning or restoration services, run your hand on top of your rugs’ pile for approximately 10 seconds. If your hand gets covered with grime and dirt, then it needs cleaning right away. You should also check the edges of the rugs and look for any loose thread. It is important that the edges are secure and snug to avoid the unraveling of the rugs’ weave. You should also check for small holes and rips that could worsen if left that way. And if you notice that your rug is becoming dull, and its color is fading away, then it’s time to have its beauty restored by a rug restoration professional.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips you can do at home to help preserve the beauty and value of your rugs:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner and gently run it over your rug, on both the top and bottom sides. Afterwards, shake the rug to remove the loose particles and dirt.
  • When cleaning your rugs, you need a bucket full of clean water, a mild soap or a rug shampoo. Try testing the soap or shampoo on a very small area of the rug and see whether the color runs. If not, you may proceed in washing the rug with the cleaning solution. Use a soft bristled brush to clean your rug and make sure both the front and back side of the rug are washed.
  • Allow it to dry on a flat surface under the heat of the sun.

Again, these tips are just for maintenance. For serious repair issues, call in a rug restoration services Oklahoma City company.

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