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Dexterous Guide from an Oriental Rug Cleaning Chitwood Park Expert

Maintaining rug cleanliness is important when it comes to preserving the value and extending the lifetime of your Oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are sturdy, but if you keep neglecting them, they will soon get damaged and unusable. So it is vital that you must have your rugs cleaned regularly at home and also have them cleaned by an Oriental Rug Cleaning Chitwood Park expert.

You can do home rug cleaning as long as you have the right instructions and materials to use. With that said, here is a guide to help you how to do home rug cleaning the right way:

  • Before you start cleaning your Oriental rug, check the tag / label on the corner of the rug and see whether there’s a special care instruction mentioned there.
  • Test the cleaning products you’ll be using in a small, inconspicuous area of the rug first to make sure that the dye color won’t run.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Chitwood Park

  • Never use cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals like ammonia or bleach.
  • Take your rug outside first and give it a gentle but good shake or kick. This will remove any loose particles that may clog up your vacuum.
  • Vacuum your Oriental rug next.
  • When deep cleaning your Oriental rug, use plain cold water. Follow the directions provided in the deep cleaning machine manual as well as on your rug’s label.
  • Spray in one small area of the rug at a time. Extract the water using gentle strokes. Repeat these two steps until the extracted water becomes clear.

There are basically two materials used in an authentic Oriental rug: wool and silk. Oriental silk rugs are quite delicate and expensive than Oriental wool rugs. It would be very risky to try cleaning this type of rug by yourself so it is recommended that you hire an Oriental Rug Cleaning Chitwood Park expert to do the cleaning.

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