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Area Rug Cleaning Johnson Park: Guide for Cleaning Area Rugs

Nobody wants to keep a dirty rug. Whether you are allergic to dust or not, you will always want your area rug to be clean all the time. For severely dirty rugs, Area Rug Cleaning Johnson Park experts will come to rescue.

Since area rugs are usually laid out on floors and placed on spots where they get subjected to a huge amount of foot traffic, they will soon look dull and old. Also, because area rugs act as natural room filters, they will trap dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria in the room. This is why their fibers look far dirtier than other home decors in the room.

Area Rug Cleaning Johnson Park
To ensure that your area rugs can still look beautiful for many years, you need to maintain and clean them the proper way.

Aside from the regular professional cleaning your area rugs must undergo, you should also not forget that you need to have them cleaned at home on a regular basis. Cleaning them at home will ensure that dirt does not accumulate too much on the fibers before the next scheduled professional cleaning. Just make sure though that you are not using harsh chemicals when washing or cleaning your area rugs. Some homeowners tend to use carpet shampoos on area rugs… this is a big no-no.

Also when washing the rugs, make sure that you perform a color test first. This test will help you determine whether the dye on your area rugs will bleed out or not. If the color bleeds, then use a milder cleaning formula; otherwise, proceed with the washing. Some dye-rich rugs react easily when they get in contact with certain chemicals found in harsh cleaners.

Cleaning spills and Stains

Spills and stains are issues that should be addressed immediately. When you are faced with spillage and staining, get a clean cloth or paper towel right away to blot out the excess liquid. Then for stains that were left off, sprinkle baking soda over them. The baking soda will help loosen the stain.

For more serious dirt and cleaning issues, let an Area Rug Cleaning Johnson Park expert do the job.

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