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How to know if your area rug is in need of repair service?

Rug Repair Tulsa

Area rugs are prone to heavy foot traffic and with this comes damage and wear. Sentimental and pricey floor coverings deserve to be cleaned and repaired. Owning an Oriental or fine textile rug implies a huge responsibility. Knowing when to get your rug repaired is not easy.

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What is rug restoration?

Rug Restoration Tulsa

Rug Restoration Tulsa can mean a lot of things. An area rug that has been through an unfortunate occurrence, such as a flood or fire, will need some restoration work done on it. They need to be treated accordingly, then given a thorough cleansing. Some rugs are just old and …

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There is an art to cleaning rugs

Our approach to rug cleaning is using the old world technique combined with today’s technology. In ancient times the Middle Easterners washed rugs in the river. While moving them with the current, the dirt and debris would fall to the bottom of the river. At Executive Rug Cleaning we have …

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