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Do you think you’re Oriental or area rug is doomed for the dumpster?


Before you go and throw away your floor covering, call Executive Rug Cleaning to see if we can help. More times than not, customers call with desperation in their voice. They have experienced a catastrophic situation and think that their rug is ruined. When you search for Rug Cleaning Tulsa, …

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How to know if your area rug is in need of repair service?

Rug Repair Tulsa

Area rugs are prone to heavy foot traffic and with this comes damage and wear. Sentimental and pricey floor coverings deserve to be cleaned and repaired. Owning an Oriental or fine textile rug implies a huge responsibility. Knowing when to get your rug repaired is not easy.

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Can pet odor really be totally removed from an Oriental rug?

Pet Odor Removal Tulsa

If you’ve invested a substantial amount of money into an area rug, you will want to do everything possible to expand the life expectancy. One way to do this is to have it cleaned on a regular basis with a company that focuses on modern and antique rugs. Executive Rug …

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